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Ride Transit Month 2021

Posted on June 11, 2021

Ride Transit Month is happening now! It's the perfect time to celebrate public transportation and take transit to get to where you need to go.


*Graphic from Transportation Choices

Below is a collection of ways to celebrate this month, including events and articles:

  • A Just Recovery Will Take Transit – This event is hosted by the Transportation Choices statewide policy and advocacy nonprofit dedicated to bringing Washingtonians more and better transportation choices. You can attend this panel conversation, taking place June 16, to hear what agencies are doing, learn what to expect, and ask your questions on how transit agencies are preparing to keep passengers safe and moving. You can register for this transit talk here.
  • Transit Trivia - As part of Ride Transit Month, Transportation Choices is hosting Transit Trivia on June 23 from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Pacific time. Test you transit knowledge by taking part in this special event. Register here!
  • Log Your Trips – If you live or work in Bellevue, don’t forget to log your Bellevue transit trips (and all non-drive-alone trips) during the month of June to win rewards! Learn more and take part in the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards Program now.

For more details, check out the Transportation Choices page.


-Choose Your Way staffer Alex


Blue Skies, Sunshine, it’s Summertime!

Posted on May 29, 2021

Did you know that every trip you make using a non-drive-alone mode can save you money and help you earn rewards?


it's summertime


This summer, take advantage of the Pacific Northwest weather and try a non-drive-alone mode to get around Bellevue! If you log at least eight days’ worth of trips June 1, 2021 through August 31, 2021 using vanpool, transit, carpool, telework, cycling, or walking, you can earn a Choose Your Way Bellevue reward – worth up to $25. Visit our rewards page to start logging trips.

Not sure where to begin? Complete a Commute Assistance Request and receive a customized commute plan based on your work schedule, home address, and worksite.

-Choose Your Way staffer Nicole


Transportation Tip - Getting to your Vaccine

Posted on May 28, 2021

Bus Eastgate Park-and-Ride


With vaccinations in full swing and available at many locations, we’re here to help you use ways other than driving alone to get to your vaccine appointment! There are several resources you can use to make this happen, including the following:

  • Transit
  • Crossroads Connect
    • With the pilot for this on-demand service ending soon, now is a great time to utilize it! You can be picked up and dropped off anywhere in the service area, as well as any RapidRide B Line station. Learn more about this service here.
  • Carpool
    • Know someone who also needs to get vaccinated? Grab your mask, hop in an open-windowed car, save money, reduce your waste, and head to your appointment together.
  • Bike
    • Continue celebrating bike month by using your two trusty wheels to get to your vaccination appointment. You can find street information for biking by using the Bellevue Bike Map or Google Maps.

Looking for more information on travel options in Bellevue? You can follow Choose Your Way Bellevue on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

-Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Alex



Employers: Make your Worksite Bike-Friendly

Posted on May 18, 2021

With bike month in full swing, let’s take a look at how employers can support bike commuting and what resources are available to help make it happen.  

1. Budget: Identify your goals, budget, and any constraints for a bike program.
2. Planning: Determine which area in your building can best accommodate bicycle commuters. Easy access is paramount to producing a bike-friendly environment at your worksite. Plan for wayfinding signage to help increase ease of use. 
3. Capital improvements: Invest in an upgrade to bicycle facilities and install the improvements. Our Mini-Grant program can give you the resources needed to make this a possibility at your worksite!
4. Additional programmatic elements: Consider operating a bike fleet and on-site repair services.
5. Awareness and outreach: Consider promoting the upgrades and increasing awareness of bike resources by holding an event. Distribute information on a regular basis to keep tenants and employees informed. 

Image from-Business Commute Options Toolkit

*Image from- Business Commute Options Toolkit pg. 22

Resources Available

Choose Your Way Bellevue Mini-Grant- Receive up to $8,000 for a bicycle-related project that meets the criteria. Mini-grant funds can be used for one-time activities to implement or enhance commuter parking and trip reduction programs through supporting parking management changes, infrastructure, resources or a promotional campaign.

An example of a successful use of mini-grant funds is a bike project implemented by the Washington State Department of Ecology for their Bellevue worksite. In 2016, they were awarded a mini-grant and used the funds for the following project: “We had thought about the having bikes for staff as part of our commitment to CTR and this was a great way for us to explore the possibility. We thought this would give staff who carpool, vanpool, or ride the bus to work an option of using the bike for running an errand at lunch, or going to an appointment or meeting and not having to use a car. This also gave staff an opportunity to use the bike for exercise as part of our wellness program. We named our project “Commuter Bikes” and applied for the grant to purchase bikes, safety equipment (such as helmets, lights, bells, etc), bike accessories, bike tools, a bike maintenance stand, and Bike Link cards for [Eastgate Park-and-Ride] eLockers.” -Tracy Nishikawa 

If you are interested in starting or enhancing your bike program, reach out to and we will work with you and connect you to resources to make it happen.

Check out resource listings to help make these elements happen by scrolling to “Bike-Friendly Workplace Resources” at

-Choose Your Way staffer Travis


May 2021: Bike Month in Bellevue

Posted on May 7, 2021

Bike Month In Bellevue is here! It’s happening this May, concurrent with Cascade’s Bike Everywhere Month. Thinking about giving biking a try? Bike month is a great time to do that!

What’s great about biking in Bellevue – biking isn’t just for athletic types, and the City of Bellevue is making biking easier for people of all ages and abilities through projects such as the 108th Avenue Northeast Complete Street. The breeze, fresh air and taking in the world at a slower pace than in a car are all great aspects of getting out and about on your trusty two wheels.

We’ve pulled together a quick summary of ways to celebrate bike month and make the most out of the spring weather:


Bike Month 2021 Graphic


1.    Log your bike trips on Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards to earn branded merchandise!

Choose Your Way Bellevue offers both ongoing and episodic reward programs. Through May 31, 2021, Bellevue workers and residents can log non-drive-alone trips, such as walk, bike, telework, or carpool, to or from a Bellevue location for at least eight days and receive a Choose Your Way Bellevue merchandise package. Reward packages include a branded backpack, waist pack + bike bell + cycling cap, and reflective vest + keylight! Available while supplies last.


2.    Take part in the Bike Everywhere Challenge

Put on by Washington Bikes, the Bike Everywhere Challenge is an online trip-tracking contest you can sign up solo for, or join with your coworkers and friends that will run throughout the month of May. Log your trips on the Love to Ride platform and you could win prizes! Prizes go out to the top point-earning team and random drawings for participants.
You are still eligible to log your trips in both Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards and the Bike Everywhere Challenge. You’ll just need to log trips in both places. More trips logged = more opportunities to earn rewards and prizes.

You can also take part in Bike Everywhere Day on May 21, 2021. More details about this in a recent Seattle Bike Blog.

3.    Request your Bellevue Bike Map

The 2020 Bellevue Bike Map features updated citywide and detail maps, safety tips, helmet fitting tips, updated tools and resources and a frequent transit service map. Download the map or request a hard copy via mail by calling 425-452-6856 or emailing

4.    Social Media Challenge

Want to earn some sweet rewards for celebrating bike month? Now you can! From now until May 31, 2021, take a selfie with your bike or a view of where you are biking – while not in motion, of course! Post it with the hashtag #ibikebellevue or tagging @ChooseUrWayBell on Twitter for a chance to win a Choose Your Way Bellevue branded backpack with branded biking goodies* inside!

*This includes a bike light, bike bell, and cycling cap.


-Choose Your Way staffer Alex


Earth Day and Month 2021

Posted on April 30, 2021

Another trip around the sun and it is time to celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and Earth Month once again! A lot has happened since April 2020. There have been many ripple effects from COVID-19, among them have been some of the following changes about our environment.


Earth Day


One major positive of the pandemic has been the decrease in air pollution in 2020. This January 2021 Streetsblog article describes how carbon dioxide emissions have gone down during quarantine. The below graph paints a good picture of this.



*Graphic from Rodium Group


This decline in pollution is correlated with decreased trips. People haven’t been commuting as much compared to past years. Many individuals started working entirely from home when the pandemic hit, fewer commercial flights occurred, and the world learned how to live in a new reality.

As vaccinations continue to be administered and the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter, don’t forget that every trip counts. We can continue to keep emissions low if we take action in our everyday lives. Want to start biking to work when the office reopens? We can create a custom commute plan for you. Want to earn free merch for logging your non-drive-alone trips? You can take advantage of the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards Program to claim awesome gear, like branded backpacks, tumblers, bike bells and more!


-Choose Your Way staffer Alex




The March Transit Service Change – How Will it Affect Bellevue Travelers?

Posted on March 12, 2021

March 2021 Service Change


Are you prepared for the upcoming transit service changes that will be effective March 20? We have pulled together a list of affected routes that travel in/out of Bellevue from King County Metro’s Service Change page, with alternative options to keep you moving. Need personal commute assistance? Fill out a form and we’ll help you get to where you need to go!


Increased Service

  • ST Route 550
    • ST Route 550 will continue to serve additional stops along Bellevue Way on a temporary basis due to suspension of Metro route 249.


Decreased Service

  • Route 212
    • Three AM and three PM trips will be suspended due to low ridership.
  • Route 218
    • ​​​​​​​Three AM and three PM trips will be suspended due to low ridership.


Ongoing Service Changes from September

Route 252 is still suspended  

Sound Transit Express Route 555/556 is still suspended 

  • Use Route 271 between Issaquah, Bellevue, and University of Washington
  • Between University District and Northgate use Route 67

Route 232 is still suspended 

Alternative options:

  • Use Route 224 between Duvall and Redmond Transit Center
  • Use the RapidRide B Line between Redmond Transit Center, Redmond Technology Station, and Bellevue Transit Center

Route 237 is still suspended 

Alternative options:

  • In Woodinville, use Route 231 to/from Kirkland TC and transfer to/from Route 250 to/from Bellevue, or use Route 311 and ST Route 535 with a transfer at NE 128th Street
  • At Woodinville Park and Ride, use routes ST 522 and ST 535 with a transfer at the UWB/CCC to travel to and from Bellevue
  • At Brickyard Park and Ride use Route ST 535 to/from Bellevue.
  • At NE 128th Street, use route ST 535

Route 246 is still suspended  

  • Between Factoria and downtown Bellevue, use Route 241
  • Between Factoria and Eastgate, use Route 241
  • Between Clyde Hill and downtown Bellevue, use Route 271
  • The 92nd Avenue NE freeway stop is served by Route 255, Route 542, and Route 545

Route 249 is still suspended 

  • Route 226 serves NE 24th Street between 156th and 164th Avenue NE
  • Between Overlake and downtown Bellevue use the RapidRide B Line
  • There is no service between Overlake and Northup Way, Kirkland Crossing, Eastside Preparatory, Linbrook Office Park. To reach this area use Route 250 from downtown Bellevue
  • There is no service on Bellevue Way NE between Northup Way and NE 10th Street. The nearest remaining service on this segment is Route 271 to the south on NE 8th Street and Route 250 to the east on 116th Avenue NE

Route 342 is still suspended  

  • Between Bothell and Bellevue, use ST Route 535
  • At Houghton P&R use Route 245 to connect with Route 255 on 108th Avenue NE
  • Between Bellevue and Renton, use ST Route 560 or ST 566
  • Between Shoreline and Kenmore, use Route 331 and connect with ST Route 522
  • Faster travel times may be available by traveling via downtown Seattle depending on your point of origin and destination


For full details, make sure to check out Metro’s Service Change page. Make sure to plan ahead of these Bellevue bus service changes. Wear masks on transit (required), maintain six feet, and stay healthy and safe!

-Choose Your Way staffer Alex




Stay Healthy with Choose Your Way Bellevue

Posted on March 5, 2021

Whether you’re taking transit or using vanpool to get to work, your vaccination appointment, or errand, we’ve got just what you need to make that trip as safe as possible!

Choose Your Way Bellevue, in collaboration with King County Metro and the Bellevue Downtown Association, is currently offering Stay Healthy Kits for users of transit and vanpool. Here is what each kit contains:


  • Cloth Adjustable Face Mask
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • Reusable Zippered Pouch
  • Important Safety and Riding Reading Material 




You can request your kit now by completing this application form. All Stay Healthy Kits are free for Bellevue residents and workers. You can receive only one kit per person while supplies last.


-Choose Your Way staffer Alex



Daylight Savings is Coming!

Posted on March 1, 2021

Daylight savings time is coming up on Sunday, March 14! That means darker mornings and longer days, but how does it affect your travel? We’ve put together some helpful tips on what you can do to travel safely and stay healthy in March.


spring forward clock


  • With longer days it makes bike commuting easier. Remember to log your trips to earn rewards!
    • We are currently offering our “Cold Days, Warm Trips” incentive, with reward options such as branded backpacks, waist pack + keylight carabiner + reflective slap bracelet, and tumbler + touch screen gloves! Learn more here.
  • Morning darkness is more dangerous for bikers and pedestrians. 
    • Make sure to wear reflective material, and use a bike light.
  • Darker mornings also mean colder mornings.
    • Make sure to bundle up on your travels!
  • Start going to bed earlier to prepare for daylight savings.
    • Studies have shown that losing an hour of sleep can lead to increased rates for heart attacks and car crashes. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier a few days before the time shift to prepare your body for the lost hour of sleep.
  • Don’t grab that extra dose of caffeine.
    • More coffee means greater disturbed sleep patterns. Resist the desire to drink extra caffeine to help your body adjust to daylight savings.
  • If you work from home, take advantage of the longer days by going for a post work walk or bike ride. 


These are just a few ways to help keep you safe and healthy when daylight savings hits. Remember to mark your calendars for Sunday, March 14!


-Choose Your Way staffer Alex





Vanpool Benefits – February 2021

Posted on February 12, 2021

Are you commuting and looking to save time and money? Try restarting your commute with vanpool!

vanpool freeway

From King County Metro:
“King County Metro’s VanPool Program is here to help you get to and from work and stay healthy on your commute. We support social distancing through fewer riders per van, flexible schedules, and providing all vanpools with public health recommendations. Join a vanpool today to share the responsibility of driving, save money, and improve your commute.”

Looking to use to the Metro vanpool program? Here are some guidelines on health and safety:


  • Wear your mask or face covering—it’s required to ride!—and stay home if sick.
  • Agree to regularly wipe down commonly touched surfaces of your van between trips, and practice good hand hygiene.
  • Use Metro’s no-contact van maintenance to keep your van running smoothly, as needed.
  • Leave as much distance as possible between drivers and riders.
  • Keep the windows cracked or down to increase airflow when conditions allow.

Commuting from West Seattle? Cut your commute time and breeze by traffic in your Metro Vanpool by gaining access to the SW Spokane Street Bridge.

For more information on restarting your King County Metro vanpool, click here. Commuting to or from locations outside of King County? Check out vanpooling programs of other agencies in the Vanpool section on


-Choose Your Way staffer Alex