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Share the ride. Get rewarded.

Just log your non-drive-alone trips to keep track of CO2 and gas savings and you’ll become eligible for valuable Choose Your Way Bellevue rewards. It’s not only good for our city and the planet, it’s good for your bottom line.


How does it work? 

1. Sign up and create your profile on the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards page. Log in if you already have a profile. Administrator log in.

2. Find sustainable alternatives to driving alone such as riding transit, carpooling, vanpooling, walking or biking. 

3. Log your non-drive-alone trips to start earning rewards. Check out this informational video.

4. Keep track of your progress on the rewards dashboard.

5. Tell your travel story for even more ways to earn.


What are the rewards?

Log 25 days to earn a $50 gift card 

  • Log your first 25 days of non-drive-alone travel in Bellevue within any time period and earn a $50 gift card. Just walk, hop on your favorite bus, bike, carpool, or join or start up a vanpool. 

Log 8 days for a chance to win a $25 gift card (2 winners per month)

  • Log 8 days of non-drive-alone travel in Bellevue within a month and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of two $25 gift cards.   

Log 8 days for a chance to win a $50 gift card as part of our storyteller drawing (1 winner each month)

  • Log 8 days of non-drive-alone travel in Bellevue within a month and tell us your non-drive-alone travel story via a video testimonial or interview and you may win a $50 gift card. Trips must be logged, and entries submitted by the 7th of each month to be eligible for the drawing. 

Log 50 days for a chance to win a $250 Orca Gift Card (1 winner every three months)

  • Log 50 days of non-drive-alone travel in Bellevue within a 3-month period and tell us your non- drive-alone travel story via a video testimonial or interview. Eligible stories will be entered into a drawing a $250 ORCA card. One winner for each 3-month period. 


What can I earn?

Choose from these great rewards!

Don't forget about the Sustainable Summer Challenge Rewards! 

The Sustainable Summer Challenge runs from June 1- Sept 30. There will be BIG rewards each month and the more trips you log the better chance you have of winning! June's reward is a $200 gift card to Gregg's Cycle!

We will also have special Eco-Friendly Days posted on all of our social media during each month. These are special log days where you can earn gifts like tumblers, 2 Line Canvas totes, backpacks and more by logging your trip and sharing your sustainable travel story. Don't miss out, start logging your trips today!


How do I earn rewards?

Earn rewards by using and logging your non-drive-alone travel options. Eligible modes of travel are:

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Daily parking

A bonus method for Bellevue commuters to log trips towards rewards is to take advantage of occasional daily parking and attest to giving up monthly parking at your place of business. Check out our blog post for more information.


Am I eligible?

• Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards is open to anyone whose home or work address is within the official Bellevue city limits. Only trips logged to or from a Bellevue location may count towards rewards. 

• If you have an account with RideshareOnlineCurb the CongestionKirkland Green TripGo RedmondJust One Tripor Issaquah Salmon Friendly Trips, you can use the same login to participate in Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards.


Business Rules: Choose Your Way Bellevue staff will use a randomizer to select winners and notify them by email. For rewards and other requested program items, participants may be asked to respond to Choose Your Way Bellevue staff with valid mailing address (and reward choice where applicable) and must do so within 60 days; otherwise, items may be forfeited. Staff will attempt to follow up with winners in cases of non-responsiveness and returned mail. All items are available only while supplies last.



Additional Regional Reward Programs

Check out these other regional rewards programs you might also be eligible for:

• King County Metro Vanpool & Vanshare

• Cascade Bicycle Club Rewards Programs