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Is biking the perfect form of transportation? It sure seems like it. How can you beat an option so smart, healthy and fun? It has never been easier to travel to and through Bellevue by bike. Find information below to help make your two-wheeled fantasies a reality.


Log Your Trips:

It’s a win-win. Earn Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards by logging your trips.


Maps & Guides

There’s a map for that. Find bike-friendly routes to get where you need to go.

Download bike map. 2018 Bellevue Bike Map

The bike map features updated citywide and detail maps, safety tips, helmet fitting tips, updated tools and resources and a frequent transit service map.



Choose Your Way Bellevue Bike Share Discount

Lime Bike

Starting in June 2019 and for a limited time, Choose Your Way Bellevue is partnering with Lime to save you $1 on bike share trips starting in Bellevue! This discount is equal to the unlock fee. Just use the promo code CYWB. To receive the discount, make sure that you: 

  • Download the Lime app;
  • Click "Wallet" from the menu;
  • Select "Promos";
  • Insert "CYWB" and enjoy.

The discount can be used multiple times by the same user while the program lasts. For help using Lime bike share in Bellevue, go to the Lime website or contact CYWB staff at


Ride in the Rain 2019

Ride in the Rain Logo

Washington Bikes invites seasoned pedalers, new bike riders, and cyclists from all over our state to bike as much as possible for any reason during November 1-30. The idea of the Ride in the Rain Challenge is to turn a common barrier to biking — inclement weather — on its head and celebrate biking during the rainiest month of the year. We're confident that if you can ride during the rainiest month and enjoy it, you’ll see how possible it is to bike all year round!

Learn More

Bikes & Other Modes

Biking can take you that first or last mile to make transit or vanpooling work for you!



Find out where to park, shower and more.


Bike Parking



Looking for a spot to shower? Check the Downtown Bike Parking and Amenities Map to see if there is one available in your building. If not, see if nearby fitness centers offer shower-only memberships. (Many do!)


Bike Share

Bike share has officially hit Bellevue bike lanes! Green electric-assisted bikes are available for use citywide on streets, bike lanes, and sidewalks as part of a one-year pilot. For more information, visit the City of Bellevue bike share page.

More Resources:


There’s a bike for everyone. Cycling is an ideal low impact exercise for seniors, and specially designed “adapted bicycles” make cycling a viable mode of transportation for people with disabilities. Learn more about adaptive cycling on the Seattle Bike Blog and on the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability website.