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Personalized Commute Assistance

Leave the planning to us. Use our Commute Assistance Request form to tell us your schedule and travel route, and we’ll create a customized commute plan for free — no commitment required.

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Log your Trips, Earn Rewards

It’s a win-win. Through Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards, you can earn rewards by logging non-drive-alone trips. Be eligible for drawings, get gift cards to local businesses through our Perks program, or have a chance to see your commute story featured in our newsletter.

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected many areas of everyone’s lives. We’ve collected a few resources to help guide you through your transportation needs during these times. Check out our COVID-19 Resources page.

Plan Your Trip

Planning travel is easy! Just let a trip planning tool do the work. Plug in where you want to go and get detailed maps, schedules and transit arrival times, as well as information like calories burned and money saved.

Ride Hailing

Ride hailing services are the perfect solution when you’re in a pinch — they mesh seamlessly with other ways to get around. When rain disrupts your biking plans or you miss your vanshare connection, hail a ride to cover the travel gaps. Call or use an app to hail taxis, Lyft, or Uber. Choosing UberPool or Shared rides with Lyft enables sharing of your trip with other riders to make more efficient use of our busy roadways!

Calculate Your Commute Cost

Attention, number crunchers. What’s the true cost of owning an automobile? How much are your travel choices impacting the environment? Find out what you can do to reduce your transportation footprint on the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Carbon Footprint Page.

Additional information:

Explore Telecommuting

COVID-19 ALERT: You can log your telework trips to be eligible for rewards! Learn more.

Hello pajama pants. Goodbye, traffic. Telecommuting (working from home) and alternative work schedules have become increasingly popular — for good reason. Employees save money, increase their productivity and decrease stress. Plus, fewer cars on the road during peak commute times makes traveling a better experience for everyone.

Update: We've gathered tips on teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read our blog post.


Know Your Options.

  • Teleworking cuts out the commute and gives you back valuable time.
  • A compressed work week means working longer hours over fewer days.
  • Flextime allows scheduling flexibility around work start and stop times. Workers can commute outside of peak periods and reduce traffic and their time on the road.


The Benefits:

  • Employees experience increased productivity and decreased stress while saving money.
  • Employers see improved retention, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and expanded geographic access to skilled workers.
  • Communities experience reduced vehicle traffic and emissions.


No teleworking program at your place of work? Tell your employer about King County’s WorkSmart program, which offers assistance to help businesses create telework programs and implement flexible scheduling options.


Your own wheels, only when you need them. With carshare, you have flexibility to get around during the workday even if you leave your personal vehicle at home. Zipcar offers on-demand carsharing originating in Downtown Bellevue — gas and insurance included.

How to Use Zipcar:

  • Sign up for a membership at
  • Find available vehicles and reserve one for a modest hourly rate.
  • Pick up your vehicle and return it to the same location when you’re done using it. There are a limited number of one-way Zipcars that allow users to return the car to a different location.
  • Check with your employer — some businesses offer carsharing options to their employees for use during the workday.

Apps & Technology

Using Bing Maps’ directions function with the transit tab selected gives step-by-step route directions for taking public transit to help plan your trip. The app will tell you where to get on and where to get off the bus. Bing Maps can also help you easily measure the distance of a route (which can be helpful when planning a walking or biking route).

Desktop version also available.

City of Bellevue and King County Metro have launched an on-demand service called Crossroads Connect. It serves people in Bellevue’s diverse Crossroads and Lake Hills neighborhoods, linking homes, jobs, schools and shopping to Metro bus routes that serve the broader Eastside.

REWARD - Take a picture of yourself using this service and email it to with your current mailing address to win a free Choose Your Way Bellevue backpack (while supplies last)!

If you usually commute by non-drive-alone mode but need to drive and park on occasion, you may find it convenient to use a parking app to easily compare parking prices and locations of various lots/garages, to save time and money. Find a list of parking apps here.

Roadify creates step-by-step directions to use transit. It includes live service advisories and tweets and comments from other riders.

Desktop version also available.

Citymapper provides real-time transportation arrival times, trip planning, and maps to help you compare modal options for getting from A to B by transit, foot, bicycle, or ride hailing. It even includes times to get to and use the closed available dockless bike share bike. It can save trip information for quick reference and has a “meet me” feature to make sharing directions easy. The app also tracks calories burned, trees preserved, and money saved.

Desktop version also available.

Using Google Maps’ directions function with the transit tab selected gives step-by-step route directions for riding public transit. The app will tell you where to get on and off the bus, as well as time and distance for walking to and from transit stops. Google Maps can also help you easily measure the distance of a route (which can be helpful when planning a walking or biking route). Another feature is that you can program your route (via walk, bike, car or transit) through your Google account, for help monitoring your daily commute. The app will tell you when to leave the house on a given day as well as informing you of potential delays and suggesting alternate routes.

Desktop version also available.

Try the new and improved Puget Sound Trip Planner, it now includes upgraded accessibility features and a responsive design for mobile users, along with a list of other notable enhancements. Plan your transit trips around the Puget Sound region; the tool gives you step-by-step instructions for using transit to get from your trip’s start location to its end. The app version combines regional trip planning with real-time arrivals, and provides route and schedule information with map views. Includes bus, train, light rail, streetcar, ferry, water taxi and the Monorail.

Desktop version also available.

Transit provides trip planning with easily comparable route options and real-time bus location information. The app includes information on ride hailing (such as Uber and Lyft), carshare (Car2Go, available in Seattle) and bike share options, in addition to local transit agencies. Transit also provides step-by-step navigation, including alerts to pick up the pace if you're in danger of missing your bus!