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About Bellevue SchoolPool


Bellevue SchoolPool, a collaboration between City of Bellevue, King County Metro and Bellevue School District, is a program that encourages families and students to explore sustainable transportation options for their commute to and from school in order to alleviate congestion at drop-off and pickup times and zones around schools.


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How SchoolPool Works


The SchoolPool team assists Partner schools with running two SchoolPool campaigns during the school year – one in the fall, during the Walk & Roll to School Week, and one in the spring, during the Bike & Roll to School Week.

Marketing and promotional materials, stock communications, event assistance and more are available to support Partner schools’ efforts.

The SchoolPool team also assists all schools, including non-partner and private schools, interested in helping parents find carpools, walk pools ("walking school buses"), bike pools ("bike trains"), and bus buddies for school buses or public transit.


About Becoming a SchoolPool Partner School

Partnering with Bellevue SchoolPool is open to all elementary, middle and middle/high choice schools in Bellevue School District, and in Bellevue. To become a SchoolPool Partner school for a given campaign, a school official, or a PTSA member needs to fill out a short participation survey to sign up the school for the campaign. Partnering involves implementing fall and spring week-long campaigns through signage, communications to students and families and distributing student encouragement items provided by SchoolPool. For promoting the campaigns, schools receive incentives - either a $1,000 monetary incentive or, starting in spring 2023, up to $2,500 for a mini-grant project as described below.

New in 2023: Partner schools completing their requirements may now choose to receive mini-grants for up to $2,500 (in lieu of the $1,000 monetary incentive)! Mini-grants may be used for small capital or safety equipment/items related to program goals. Applications must be submitted within 60 days of the end of the pertinent SchoolPool campaign. Mini-grant funding is available on a reimbursement basis, and mini-grant projects must be approved by the SchoolPool team at the City of Bellevue. For program information, application and evaluation materials, click here.


Fall 2023 SchoolPool Challenge

Students were encouraged to bike, walk, roll, bus or carpool to school during the Oct. 2-6, 2023 Fall Campaign! The campaign highlighted International Walk to School Day on Oct. 4, and we celebrated it all week!

Outreach and marketing materials and $1,000 direct monetary incentives were provided to all participating elementary, middle, and middle/high choice schools, as with each fall and spring campaign. Also, schools may now apply to receive a mini-grant for up to $2,500 for specific, relevant expenses in lieu of the direct monetary incentive. The application packet is now available here.

Click here to see a list of the 20 schools that participated in fall 2023.


Annual Districtwide Travel Survey 2023

The voluntary Annual Districtwide Travel Survey provides data on how students travel to and from school, and helps evaluate the strategies for the Bellevue SchoolPool program, which aims to reduce drop-off and pick-up congestion at schools.

In spring 2023, 490 families provided answers for 701 students. Based on the survey, 41% of children are driven alone to and from school, and 59% use a different mode of transportation. The percentage of children being driven alone has decreased since 2022.

Chart showing students being driven to school 41% in 2023


School Attendance Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Maps

This is a great time to test out your walk or bike route to school! Go to our Interactive Routes to School Map and click on your school to find printable maps of pedestrian and bicycle facilities in your school’s attendance area.

Email us at to receive a hard copy of a map.

SchoolPool Blog Posts

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Spring 2023 Student Art Projects

In spring of 2023, over 200 students from participating schools submitted art projects to reflect their trips to school. Check out all of the art projects, including those that were selected to be featured on the fall 2023 campaign signage! Great work!

Resources for Schools and Families