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About Bellevue SchoolPool

Bellevue SchoolPool, a collaboration between City of Bellevue, King County Metro and Bellevue School District, is a program that encourages families and students to explore sustainable transportation options for their commute to and from school in order to alleviate congestion at drop-off and pick-up times and zones around schools.




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How SchoolPool Works

The Bellevue SchoolPool program is split into two sections – one for elementary schools, and one for middle and middle/high choice schools.

The SchoolPool team assists Partner schools with running two month-long challenges during the school year – one in the fall and one in the spring.

The SchoolPool team also assists all schools, including non-partner and private schools, interested in helping parents find carpools, walk pools ("walking school buses"), bike pools ("bike trains"), and bus buddies for school buses or public transit.

How to Become a SchoolPool Partner School

The program is open to all elementary, middle and middle/high choice schools in the Bellevue School District. For a school to become a SchoolPool Partner school, the principal must submit a SchoolPool Partner sign-up application to

Applications are accepted annually.

SchoolPool During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, the Spring 2021 SchoolPool Challenge has transformed into the Spring 2021 Walk & Roll Challenge. Bellevue School district students are invited to participate in the challenge by playing Walk & Roll BINGO! If you are a student, please be sure to check in with a parent or guardian before participating.

You can get a Walk & Roll BINGO by completing five squares in a row, column, or diagonal line. Each of the squares contain walk & roll-related activities.

Walk & Roll educational links and safety tips are provided on the back of the card. Please COPY and PASTE the links in your browser.

Email a photo of your completed BINGO card to to receive the prize. Cards must be sent by May 31, 2021 to qualify.

Click here to download a printable version of the BINGO card. To request a hard copy of the card, or a translated version, email us at

Bingo Front 1Bingo Back 1


School Attendance Area Pedestrian and Bicycle Maps

This is a great time to test out your walk or bike route to school! Go to our Interactive Routes to School Map and click on your school to find printable maps of pedestrian and bicycle facilities in your school’s attendance area.

Email us at to receive a hard copy of a map.

Resources for Schools and Families