Who we are

Choose Your Way Bellevue is an outreach program and web resource provided by the City of Bellevue. It is part of the city's effort to improve mobility through transportation demand management (TDM).

Why we're here

TDM is the practice of reducing strain on the transportation system by encouraging the use of alternatives to driving alone. TDM activities encourage and help people to ride the bus, carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or telework more often. By looking broadly at the movement of people and not simply the movement of cars, TDM helps to make the most efficient use of roadway space. This makes it so the transportation system works better for everyone, regardless of the travel mode used

What we do

Choose Your Way Bellevue is here to answer your questions about each transportation mode; to provide resources to make it easy to use modes other than solo driving; and to offer rewards for Bellevue workers, residents and students who improve our transportation network by reducing drive-alone trips. We also provide up-to-date news and information about transportation-related happenings affecting Bellevue, including construction and traffic alerts, transit service changes and incentive programs for trying a new mode.

Whom we help

We’re here to improve transportation for everyone who travels in Bellevue, with services for workers, residents, students, employers and property managers. Take a look through the information we’re provided here, but if you have a specific question, feel free to contact us.