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Instead of dealing with traffic and parking, invigorate your day with some fresh air! Improve your health and state of mind by combining your trips to work, school or shopping destinations with some exercise. Add a ride on the bus, and you can walk pretty much anywhere.

The City of Bellevue has been designated a 2014 Silver Walk Friendly Community award by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

Walking in Downtown Bellevue

It's easier than you might think to be a downtown pedestrian. Downtown Bellevue has large blocks, and crosswalks are far apart, but inside Bellevue's "superblocks" you can find some walkers' oases, such as the City Center Plaza south of the Bellevue Transit Center. In addition, paths that cut through the superblocks can make it faster to get from point A to point B. Check out the orange-colored pedestrian connections in the Downtown Pedestrian Guide

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