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COVID-19 Update

Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards are still live during COVID-19. Remember, teleworking trips count towards non-drive-alone trips! Please continue to submit your requests, send submissions and log your trips--but make sure you are washing your hands regularly, wearing a mask in all public spaces and maintaining social distancing when commuting. Looking for more resources during the pandemic? Check out our COVID-19 Resources Page to help guide you through your transportation needs during these times.


Log trips. Earn rewards.

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Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards is your online trip logging, rewards and ridematching system connecting Bellevue workers and residents with information and encouragement for making non-drive-alone transportation alternatives a part of your lifestyle. It's the Bellevue portal to the regional ridematching platform If you have an account with RideshareOnline, Curb the Congestion, Kirkland Green Trip, Go Redmond, Just One Trip or Issaquah Salmon Friendly Trips, you can use the same login to participate in Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards.

Use this portal to:

  • Find carpool and vanpool partners across the Puget Sound region. 
  • Log your non-drive-alone trips to keep track of financial, CO2, and gas savings and become eligible for local and regional incentives for logging those trips!

Current Rewards:

  • Blue Skies, Sunshine, it's Summertime: Summer is here and it’s the best time of year to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Walk or cycle to work or around your neighborhood, take a moment to read a good book on the bus or in your vanpool, enjoy your morning coffee at home while working remotely. The possibilities to earn rewards are endless. Log at least eight days’ worth of non-drive-alone trips, such as walk, bike, telework, or carpool, and you’ll qualify for a Choose Your Way Bellevue reward! These trips must be to or from a Bellevue location through August 31, 2021. Choices for merchandise packages include branded items, such as branded backpack, reflective vest + cycling cap + bike bell, and waist pack + sunglasses.
  • Bellevue's Monthly $50 Winner - Log 8 Days: In addition, every month we're still randomly choosing one Bellevue trip logger to win a $50 reward just for logging eight (8) days of non-drive-alone travel (transit, carpool, vanpool, walk, bike, telework or trip removed due to compressed work week) in a calendar month to or from a Bellevue address. Trips must be logged by the 7th of the following month to be eligible for the drawing. Your travel habits make a difference in our community - we're here to reward you for it!
  • Mover of the Month: Share your non-drive-alone transportation stories with us! Each month CYWB staff will select one Bellevue traveler’s submission, and their story may  be featured in our monthly Choose Your Way Bellevue newsletter. Winners will receive $50 towards your bus or vanpool fare in the form of a TranBen voucher or the equivalent in Choose Your Way Bellevue merchandise! There’s no need to reapply each month, but feel free to share more than one story with us. Learn more and submit your commute story here

          Share Your Commute Story

  • Perks: Occasionally, Bellevue trip loggers who log at least eight days of non-drive-alone travel (for commute or other purposes) will be eligible for a Choose Your Way Bellevue “Perk”. Our team will email qualifying participants a coupon or discount to a local business after the 7th of the following month. 


Program Eligibility:

Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards is open to anyone whose home or work address is within the official Bellevue city limits. Only trips logged to or from a Bellevue location may count towards rewards and promotions.

Business Rules: Choose Your Way Bellevue staff will use a randomizer to select winners and notify them by email. For rewards and other requested program items, participants may be asked to respond to Choose Your Way Bellevue staff with valid mailing address (and reward choice where applicable) and must do so within 60 days; otherwise, items may be forfeited. Staff will attempt to follow up with winners in cases of non-responsiveness and returned mail. All items are available only while supplies last.

Regional Reward Programs

Check out these other regional rewards programs you might also be eligible for:

Businesses: Become a Choose Your Way Bellevue Perks Partner

Donate goods or services to help motivate travelers to choose alternatives to driving alone and we’ll enthusiastically recognize your business’ commitment to the community. 

Occasionally, Choose Your Way Bellevue partners with local businesses to keep our community moving by encouraging the use of transportation options like riding the bus, walking, biking, carpooling or telecommuting with our Perks Program. The program currently has over 4,000 active participants, with over 1,000 being eligible for a perk.

Bellevue businesses are invited to provide a discount or free item or donate gift cards to become a Perks Partner and receive valuable promotion including:

  • Featured Coupon: Your business will be featured in a full-color digital discount coupon featuring your business’ name, contact information, and logo, sent directly to participants (~1,000 qualified monthly participants).
  • E-Newsletter: Your business will be recognized in the Choose Your Way Bellevue e-newsletter (~20,000 subscribers).
  • Social Media: Your business will connect with our social media followers with several posts on Facebook and Twitter (~1,000 followers).
  • Website: Your business will be recognized as a Perks Partner on this web page.

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