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Daily Parking Solutions!

Posted on July 31, 2023

Do you work in downtown Bellevue or another area with paid parking? Looking to spend less on parking for work and earn rewards for doing so? Make the choice to park on a daily basis in your garage or lot instead of signing up for monthly parking through your employer. In this blog post, we explore how making your parking choice on a daily basis can save you money on days you don’t need to park - and how it can count as trip logging through Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards! 

parking lot

Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness
•    Public parking garages and lots typically provide flexible payment options, allowing you to choose from hourly or daily based on your needs. This flexibility is particularly useful for anyone who does not come into the office, and therefore does not need to park, every day. This allows you to only pay for the days that you park at work and pocket the money on the days you don’t.

Environmentally and Traffic Friendly
•    Choosing daily parking frees you up to use a non-drive-alone mode on days you don’t need to park without the need to maximize your prepaid investment in parking for the month. This makes it viable to use transit or another mode other than solo driving on the days you are able to do so.  These greener commute trips contribute to a more efficient and sustainable transportation system. This means you are not only saving money, but also playing your part in easing strain on the roadways and helping everyone get around more easily.

•    Bonus points if you can use a shared mode on the days you do come in – vanpool is more flexible and suited to a hybrid work schedule than you may realize! Be sure to check out Choose Your Way’s Share the Ride page to learn more!

Stress Reduction
•    You can park on a daily basis without stress associated with finding parking spaces or anxiety about being late to work. Here are some websites to check spots and reserve ahead of time: Parkopedia, ParkMe, and ParkWhiz. 

Earn Sweet Rewards
•    Already doing daily parking or looking to start and want to earn rewards? Choose Your Way Bellevue’s trip logging program counts daily parking as a trip toward our rewards. When daily parking, just go to this form, fill it out, and Choose Your Way Bellevue staff will add the trip to your account!

In conclusion, daily parking presents a multitude of benefits that enhance urban living and positively impact our daily routines. From the convenience and accessibility it offers to the reduction in stress levels and the environmental impact, daily parking solutions are a vital component of modern city life. By embracing these options, we can streamline our daily commutes, support local businesses, and contribute to the creation of sustainable urban spaces for generations to come. So, let's make the choice for daily parking and experience the transformative power it holds in shaping our urban landscapes.

-Choose Your Way staffer Jake

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