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Resources for Bike and Sound Transit 2 Line Riders

Posted on May 8, 2024

We have gathered specific resources in honor of May being Bike Everywhere Month and the 2 Line opening! 

Bellevue Bike Map 2020 Download 

The Bellevue bike map features updated citywide and close-in area maps, safety tips, helmet fitting tips, updated biking-supportive tools and resources, Washington state bike laws, and a frequent transit service map. Request a hard copy at 425-452-6856 or 

Station Access Map Download 

The Move Redmond Station Access Maps will serve as a resource for everyone looking to access light rail without the need for a car. They offer safety information, highlighting areas of caution, such as busy intersections, with turning vehicles, and identifying steep grades that may pose challenges for wheelchair users. The printed version includes information on how to reload your ORCA card, use BikeLink Lockers, and schedule a community van ride. Please visit one of our many events or contact us to pick up a printed version. 

How-tos and rules provided by the City and our regionwide partners:  


Bike Park and Ride 

There are several options on how and where to park your bike and connect with the 2 Line. For more information, visit the bike parking page on Sound Transit. (The information below is from the Sound Transit website.) 

  • Bellevue Downtown Station has on-demand bike lockers, a bike room, and racks. 

  • BelRed Station has bike racks. 

  • East Main Station has on-demand bike lockers and racks. 

  • Overlake Village Station has on-demand bike lockers and racks. 

  • Redmond Technology Station has on-demand bike lockers and racks. 

  • South Bellevue Station has a bike room and racks. 

  • Spring District Station has on-demand bike lockers and racks. 

  • Wilburton Station has on-demand bike lockers and racks. 


Also, Eastgate Park-and-Ride, where you can access bus routes, has on-demand bike lockers. 



Looking for a spot to shower?  Check out nearby fitness centers that offer shower-only memberships. (Many do!) 


For more information on sustainable travel options and how to log your travel for rewards, visit 

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