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Is biking the perfect form of transportation? It sure seems like it. How can you beat an option so smart, healthy and fun? It has never been easier to travel to and through Bellevue by bike. Find information below to help make your two-wheeled fantasies a reality.


Log Your Trips:

It’s a win-win. Earn Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards by logging your trips.


Maps & Guides

There’s a map for that. Find bike-friendly routes to get where you need to go.

Download bike map.

2020 Bellevue Bike Map

The bike map features updated citywide and detail maps, safety tips, helmet fitting tips, updated tools and resources and a frequent transit service map. Request a hard copy at 425-452-6856 or



Bikes & Other Modes

Biking can take you that first or last mile to make transit or vanpooling work for you!



Find out where to park, shower and more.


Bike Parking



Looking for a spot to shower?  Check out nearby fitness centers that offer shower-only memberships. (Many do!)

More Resources:

Apps & Technology

(Desktop and mobile-optimized only; no app available.) Bike Index is the most widely used and successful bicycle registration service in the world with over 690,000 cataloged bikes, 1,250 community partners and tens of thousands of daily searches.

You’re already viewing the Choose Your Way Bellevue website, which convenes tools and information to help you get around Bellevue sustainably. The platform now has a mobile app that puts this content at your fingertips-use the app to learn about and plan your travel, log your trips and earn rewards! 


Using Google Maps’ directions function with the transit tab selected gives step-by-step route directions for riding public transit. The app will tell you where to get on and off the bus, as well as time and distance for walking to and from transit stops. Google Maps can also help you easily measure the distance of a route (which can be helpful when planning a walking or biking route). Another feature is that you can program your route (via walk, bike, car or transit) through your Google account, for help monitoring your daily commute. The app will tell you when to leave the house on a given day as well as informing you of potential delays and suggesting alternate routes.

Desktop version also available.

RideWithGPS provides highly accurate GPS ride tracking, as well as support for peripherals to track heart rate and other biometric indicators. The app also includes tools to plan and share routes.

Transit provides trip planning with easily comparable route options and real-time bus location information. The app includes information on ride hailing (such as Uber and Lyft), carshare (Car2Go, available in Seattle) and bike share options, in addition to local transit agencies. Transit also provides step-by-step navigation, including alerts to pick up the pace if you're in danger of missing your bus!

Using Bing Maps’ directions function with the transit tab selected gives step-by-step route directions for taking public transit to help plan your trip. The app will tell you where to get on and where to get off the bus. Bing Maps can also help you easily measure the distance of a route (which can be helpful when planning a walking or biking route).

Desktop version also available.

Citymapper provides real-time transportation arrival times, trip planning, and maps to help you compare modal options for getting from A to B by transit, foot, bicycle, or ride hailing. It even includes times to get to and use the closed available dockless bike share bike. It can save trip information for quick reference and has a “meet me” feature to make sharing directions easy. The app also tracks calories burned, trees preserved, and money saved.

Desktop version also available.

MapMyFitness produces multiple apps, including MapMyFitness, MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, MapMyDogWalk and MapMyRide. These apps use GPS to track, save and share routes. They also contain functionality to track nutrition and fitness metrics. Take a look at routes that members have shared that are in Bellevue.

Styled as a “social network for athletes,” Strava is a tool to track your bike rides and runs. The app tracks your activity and uploads it to your account, so you can see your progress and compete with others in your area. You can also search for other members’ routes in your area. Check out Cascade Bicycle Club's Strava group to test your mettle against area cyclists.

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There’s a bike for just about everyone. Cycling is an ideal low impact exercise for seniors, and specially designed “adapted bicycles” make cycling a viable mode of transportation for people with disabilities. Learn more about adaptive cycling on the Seattle Bike Blog and on the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability website.