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Resources for the COVID-19 Era

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many areas of everyone’s lives. One of the heavily impacted areas is transit service, but we'll keep you up to date about walking, biking and teleworking as well. Below we’ve collected information and resources to help guide you through your transportation needs during these times.


  • Fares Return this October - King County Metro
    • On Thursday, October 1, Metro will resume collecting fares for all transit services: buses, Access paratransit, Seattle Streetcar, Vanpool, Via to Transit and other flexible services, and water taxi.
  • New Safety Innovations and Route Changes
  • Vanpool Update
    • The King County Metro Vanpool program is temporarily allowing two-person vanpools in some cases. Learn more here. King County Metro Vanpool and Vanshare fares are also waived through September.
  • Dynamic Carpool Update
    • Scoop is still operating during COVID-19. Read Scoop’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines here.
  • Continuing Fare Suspension Through September, fare continuation slated for October - King County Metro
    • Metro continues to operate with some service reductions as well as the continuation of suspended fares on Metro service, you can read the most recent update here
  • Restoring Transit Service - King County Metro
    • King County Metro will restore service on dozens of bus routes, increase water taxi service, and partially restore Via to Transit on Monday, June 22.
  • Flat Fare begun on July 1 - Sound Transit
    • Fares have returned to routes where operator protections make returning to front-door boarding possible. When fare collection resumes, Sound Transit will also transition to a single flat fare of $3.25 for all full-fare Adult riders on ST Express, regardless of distance traveled. This will result in a 50-cent fare increase for ST bus routes within King County. Flat fares for ORCA LIFT, youth, seniors and riders with disabilities were implemented in July 2018.
  • How Metro improves air quality in buses for drivers and passengers
  • Passenger limits
    • To support the health of passengers, drivers, and community members, King County Metro has instituted new passenger limits to promote social distancing (4/22).
  • Seat Signs
    • In support of coach capacity guidelines (4/22) and the continuing suspension of fare payment on Metro service, seat signs (5/4) to promote healthy social distancing have been added to transit vehicles.
  • Wear a mask
  • Reduced schedules
    • King County Metro and Sound Transit are taking the necessary precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19. Check out this reduced services page for up-to-date information on the constantly evolving transit situation.
  • Check canceled trips
    • Under the reduced schedule currently in place, the routes listed on this Metro page will continue to operate; however, some individual trips have been canceled. Use the drop-down menus to see which trips have been canceled for each route.
  • Text for departure
    • Find the next departure times of transit service by texting your stop ID to 62550. You will receive a return message with the next departure times or canceled trips at that stop. You can find your stop ID on the bus stop sign or in the Trip Planner tool.


  • Biking Tips
    • Check out Cascade Bicycle Club's safe biking tips during COVID-19, this collection of resources is good for individuals and families to use for protecting themselves during this time.
  • Other biking events
    • Cascade Bicycle Club released this announcement as an important update for their 2020 rides and events season (4/28).
  • Bike trails
    • According to the City of Bellevue, parks, trails and beaches remain open for walking and activities that do not require close proximity and allow for the recommended social distancing that allows six feet between people.
  • Choose Your Way Bellevue biking blog post
    • Read our recent blog post for a few positive reasons why getting out and about on your trusty wheels is better now than ever before!


There are more people teleworking now than ever before, so we've compiled some helpful teleworking resources for you:

  • Looking for tips on teleworking? Check out this recent Choose Your Way Bellevue blog post for some info to help make working from home better than ever.
  • No teleworking program at your place of work? Or would a more formalized program or better technology improve your work-from-home experience? Tell your employer about King County’s WorkSmart program, which offers assistance and online resources to help businesses create or enhance telework programs/policies (including a turn-key policy) and implement flexible scheduling options. 
  • You can log your teleworking trips to earn rewards through the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards Program, so get started now!


City of Bellevue COVID-19 Community Resources

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced temporary closure of schools and many businesses, triggering demand for community resources to help people make it through this time. Here are some community resources from the City of Bellevue.


Page updated: 11/20/20