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Business Resources For The COVID-19 Era

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many areas of business, many employers are trying to solve questions around return to the office, safety of transit, and more. Below we’ve collected information and resources to help answer some of these questions and provide you with your business transportation needs.


Choose Your Way Bellevue Business Webinars

  • Building a Successful Telework Program for your Eastside Business - Click here to view the webinar. This webinar reviews telework program best practices from an Eastside perspective. Presenters include Kirk Hovenkotter (Greater Redmond TMA, Executive Director), Elham Shirazi (Principle E-Planning/WorkSmart) and Tim Rowe (Transportation Program Manager at T-Mobile).

  • Eastside Metro Webinar - Click here to view the webinar. This webinar strives to answer questions about transit with King County Metro's experts from Business Services, Rideshare, Service Planning, and Operations to discuss public transportation during COVID-19. Presenters include Kirk Hovenkotter (Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association), Sean Hawks (Communication Manager), Grace Carlson (Service Planning, East King County Team), Quiana Thomas (Rideshare Services Representative), and Rocco Devito (Customer Relationship Manager).


City of Bellevue Voluntary Employer Survey Results

This was a non-scentific, voluntary survey that was conducted for Bellevue employers between the dates of May 26, 2020 and June 26, 2020. This survey was distributed through Choose Your Way Bellevue and Commute Trip Reduction email newsletters. All respondents had worksites in Bellevue with a total respondent count of 29. To see these results in detail, click here.


Commute Seattle Survey Results: Workplace Experiences During Coronavirus

In May, Commute Seattle conducted a survey to learn about what Seattle workplaces were experiencing as a result of COVID-19. Check out the full blog post outlining key insights on return to work trends from over 400 local worksites.


COVID-19 Commute Program Consultations Available

Concerned about employee commuting and managing your parking as your office reopens? Contact us for a free commute program consultation tailored to your business with the latest information on transit services and safety of riding transit, vanpool program changes for COVID-19, how to support bike commuting, and/or how to enhance or formalize your telework program. We’re all in this together and can help reduce strain on our roadways as offices and businesses reopen.

You can also find a commuting option that boosts your well-being and benefits your community by going to our commuters page.

For general assistance or questions, please email



No teleworking program at your place of work? Or would a more formalized program or better technology improve your work-from-home experience? Tell your employer about King County’s WorkSmart program, which offers assistance and online resources to help businesses create or enhance telework programs/policies (including a turn-key policy) and implement flexible scheduling options.


Additional Resources

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