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The March Transit Service Change – How Will it Affect Bellevue Travelers?

Posted on March 12, 2021
March 2021 Service Change


Are you prepared for the upcoming transit service changes that will be effective March 20? We have pulled together a list of affected routes that travel in/out of Bellevue from King County Metro’s Service Change page, with alternative options to keep you moving. Need personal commute assistance? Fill out a form and we’ll help you get to where you need to go!


Increased Service

  • ST Route 550
    • ST Route 550 will continue to serve additional stops along Bellevue Way on a temporary basis due to suspension of Metro route 249.


Decreased Service

  • Route 212
    • Three AM and three PM trips will be suspended due to low ridership.
  • Route 218
    • ​​​​​​​Three AM and three PM trips will be suspended due to low ridership.


Ongoing Service Changes from September

Route 252 is still suspended  

Sound Transit Express Route 555/556 is still suspended 

  • Use Route 271 between Issaquah, Bellevue, and University of Washington
  • Between University District and Northgate use Route 67

Route 232 is still suspended 

Alternative options:

  • Use Route 224 between Duvall and Redmond Transit Center
  • Use the RapidRide B Line between Redmond Transit Center, Redmond Technology Station, and Bellevue Transit Center

Route 237 is still suspended 

Alternative options:

  • In Woodinville, use Route 231 to/from Kirkland TC and transfer to/from Route 250 to/from Bellevue, or use Route 311 and ST Route 535 with a transfer at NE 128th Street
  • At Woodinville Park and Ride, use routes ST 522 and ST 535 with a transfer at the UWB/CCC to travel to and from Bellevue
  • At Brickyard Park and Ride use Route ST 535 to/from Bellevue.
  • At NE 128th Street, use route ST 535

Route 246 is still suspended  

  • Between Factoria and downtown Bellevue, use Route 241
  • Between Factoria and Eastgate, use Route 241
  • Between Clyde Hill and downtown Bellevue, use Route 271
  • The 92nd Avenue NE freeway stop is served by Route 255, Route 542, and Route 545

Route 249 is still suspended 

  • Route 226 serves NE 24th Street between 156th and 164th Avenue NE
  • Between Overlake and downtown Bellevue use the RapidRide B Line
  • There is no service between Overlake and Northup Way, Kirkland Crossing, Eastside Preparatory, Linbrook Office Park. To reach this area use Route 250 from downtown Bellevue
  • There is no service on Bellevue Way NE between Northup Way and NE 10th Street. The nearest remaining service on this segment is Route 271 to the south on NE 8th Street and Route 250 to the east on 116th Avenue NE

Route 342 is still suspended  

  • Between Bothell and Bellevue, use ST Route 535
  • At Houghton P&R use Route 245 to connect with Route 255 on 108th Avenue NE
  • Between Bellevue and Renton, use ST Route 560 or ST 566
  • Between Shoreline and Kenmore, use Route 331 and connect with ST Route 522
  • Faster travel times may be available by traveling via downtown Seattle depending on your point of origin and destination


For full details, make sure to check out Metro’s Service Change page. Make sure to plan ahead of these Bellevue bus service changes. Wear masks on transit (required), maintain six feet, and stay healthy and safe!

-Choose Your Way staffer Alex




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