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Looking Back at 2020: How was Metro Ridership Impacted by COVID-19?

Posted on January 26, 2021

Interested in knowing how the pandemic affected transit ridership in 2020? Choose Your Way Bellevue looked at King County Metro’s new webpage dedicated to this very topic. The Dash is a system-wide data dashboard summarizing King County Metro’s transit system. Updated on the 15th of each month, The Dash includes visual representations of key numbers such as ridership impact, mask use on board and capacity.


The Dash

*Graphic and all information taken from King County Metro’s webpage “The Dash.”

Referencing the above graphic and underlying data, here are some key takeaways of how countywide transit ridership on Metro has changed:

  • Metro weekday boardings were at their highest point during February 2020 with an average of 466,585
  • This number dropped to the lowest point during April 2020 with 118,737 average weekday boardings
  • Average weekday boardings remained fairly steady between May and December 2020, ranging from 120,000 to 155,000 

Due to the pandemic, ridership decreased for Metro during early 2020 compared to previous years. However, ridership on Metro buses remained steady for the remainder of the year due to Metro routinely cleaning its coaches and maintaining safe distances for those riding transit.

For more information on this topic, please visit Metro’s rider dashboard here.


-Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Alex


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