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Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards: 2021 in Review

Posted on December 22, 2021
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Trip Logging

After a quiet year in 2020, we’ve taken a look at all the trips Choose Your Way Bellevue commuters have logged in 2021 and broken it down by the numbers. It's been quite a year for Choose Your Way Bellevue commuters! You've managed to log impressive travel mode numbers (including doubling of telework trips logged compared to 2019). You've logged the following numbers by type of trip:

  • 44,139 telework

  • 8,239 carpool

  • 7,837 bus

  • 5,053 biking

  • 1,111 walking

  • 766 vanpool

  • In all, 858,839 million non-drive-alone miles

That's a pretty big deal! Not to mention - these trip types reflect some big savings compared to driving alone:

  • 746,375 pounds of carbon dioxide saved

  • 37,467 gallons of gas saved

  • $283,215 in monetary savings

You've been quite interested in finding ride matches as well, with over 45,000 ride match requests sent!

Note: You can learn how to create a ride match with our handy infographic!

Don’t forget to continue logging your trips by signing up or logging in at For a limited time, our “Return-to-Travel campaign is offering a guaranteed $50 reward to all participants who log 25 days of non-drive-alone travel (other than telework or compressed work week) in Bellevue! Reward types include Spotify, Hulu and REI. Not to mention, an exciting drawing for a $500 pair of headphones for a “Super Traveler” logging 50 days of such travel within a three-month period. Check it out and get logging!


-Choose Your Way staffer Alex


Data pulled for 1/1/21-12/15/21



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