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Commuting in the Cold Part III - Ridesharing in the Winter

Posted on March 3, 2020

In this exciting final entry of our "commuting in the cold" series, we'll be digging into one of the most popular modes of transportation: ridesharing!


Ridesharing Graphic

What to do: Being a driver on the road in the wintertime can prove to have its own set of challenges. Here are some tips for drivers of carpools and vanpools for when roadways are affected by winter or rainy conditions:

  • Drive slowly
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Increase your following distance to five or six seconds
  • Give yourself more time and space to stop
  • Have essentials packed in case of snow
  • Be wary of travelers who are harder to see on the roads at night
    • This could include individuals walking and biking
  • Remember that four-wheel and all-wheel vehicles do not stop or steer better on ice
  • Do not use cruise control

How to get started: Choose Your Way Bellevue has the resources you need for starting and/or joining a carpool or vanpool. You can go here to get started. You can also check out this infographic to understand how to find a ridematch through Choose Your Way Bellevue's RideshareOnline portal.



  • Traditional Carpooling - Odds are there are other commuters whose trips match yours for all or part of the distance. Find them by setting up a free account within our Choose Your Way Bellevue portal to the RideshareOnline regional ridematching service. Or, talk to your worksite transportation coordinator; they might also be able to help match you with potential carpool mates.
  • Dynamic Carpooling - Carpool without the commitment of traditional ridematching! Waze, Scoop and iCarpool are available in Bellevue and the Seattle area. Many commuters are using dynamic carpooling on a regular basis or as needed on any given day. Learn more at the Choose your Way Bellevue Share the Ride page under "Apps and Technology."


Vanpool Graphic
  • 5-15 people decide on a schedule and share an agency-provided van
  • Fuel, maintenance, insurance and tolls are all covered
  • Pay a shared monthly fare for the van, determined by the length of your trip, number of people in the van and number of commutes per week. Many employers fully or partially subsidize the fare.
  • To start or join a vanpool, find a ridematch by setting up a free account within our Choose Your Way Bellevue portal to the RideshareOnline regional ridematching service. Learn how to create a ridematch in RideshareOnline with this handy infographic. Or, learn more about vanpooling at King County Metro.
  • Looking to use a King County vanpool for free, for up to three trips? Fill out this form for the Ticket-2-Ride promotion!

Now that you've been informed on tips for commuting the cold, you're more prepared to take to the streets in your carpool or vanpool! Don't forgot to check out the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards program to find out what incentives you could win for logging your non-drive-alone trips!


-Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Alex


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