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It’s Time to Lime Part 2

Posted on July 10, 2019

Hi, it’s me again, Phyllis from CYWB.

This month, I’m taking a different approach and bringing Lime to you. In June, Choose Your Way Bellevue began partnering with Lime to make it easier for you to have a wonderful experience riding Lime bikes. A $1 promotional discount will be given to riders and can be used toward the unlock fee of $1. Find out how on the Choose Your Way Bellevue bike page. Once the Lime app is installed, click it, and then click on the three black lines in the upper left-hand corner and click the wallet. Under Wallet you will be directed to add the promo code "CYWB."

So how does this work? I’m going to do an intro to using our code, and hope that you can get out this weekend and go for a ride with Lime. This article may help you feel more comfortable riding. There are lots of questions to cover, and hopefully by the end of this article I will have answered them all. If not, send us an email!

Yesterday was a great day to Lime. The sun was bright, and the temperature was a little cool. Prior to leaving the office, I made sure I had my helmet, sunglasses, and jacket. I checked my Lime phone app to locate a bike. How do I get the Lime app, you ask? The Lime mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Apple). Download and install the Lime mobile app on your smartphone. Once the app was downloaded it showed a map of all bikes that were near me.

I located a bike nearby, across from the Bellevue Transit Center. It was located in a bike share parking zone and ready for use. Next, I followed the promotional instructions on getting a discount of $1 which equals the unlock fee. I entered the code CYWB and then used the in-app camera to scan the bike’s QR code to unlock the bike. (You can also manually enter the bicycle ID number.)

Next, I completed a safety check to make sure the bike was in good working condition before I started my trip. Lime is responsible for maintaining their bikes, but for your own safety, a pre-ride check is always a good idea. Protect your head and always wear a helmet when using bike share. It’s the law in Bellevue for people of all ages. Besides, it’s the smart thing to do. (Better safe than sorry.)

Ride safely and courteously and always follow traffic laws.  Be mindful of your surroundings, and respectful of others; people walking, bicycling, and driving on Bellevue sidewalks, bikeways, and streets.

Make sure you understand how much a ride will cost before you start a trip to avoid surprises. Payments are made to Lime through their mobile app. You need to add credits to your account before you can start a trip. Lime sets the price for their service.

You may wonder where you can park a bike share bicycle in Bellevue. They can be parked on paved surfaces along public sidewalks and street shoulders in locations that do not create an obstacle for others. In other words, bike share bicycles may be parked on paved surfaces in the public right-of-way—streets, sidewalks, and easements—in locations that do not block walkways or vehicle travel lanes. Do not block building entrances, driveways, bus stop loading areas, curb ramps or bike lanes, or other locations that might prevent people from passing the bike safely. Bike share bicycles are not allowed to be left in city parks. When in doubt, a bike rack is always an appropriate place to leave any bicycle. Do park bicycles upright; leave at least six feet of clear walkway so people using wheelchairs, walkers, other mobility devices, and pushing strollers can get by unobstructed; park in preferred parking areas, which are painted on the pavement and identified with icons in the mobile app; and park at bike racks where available. Do not park on street corners; block building entrances, driveways, or bus stop loading areas; block curb ramps; or leave bike share bicycles in city parks or on private property.

With bike share, when you arrive at your destination, you may just park the bike. Wherever you go, you can park the bike nearby, as long as you leave the bike on pavement and out of the way. Do not leave the bike in city parks or on private property, except where specially marked in the app and on the ground.

To end your ride, close the lock. The lock is located above the back wheel just below the seat post. Press the knob to slide the lock closed and end your ride. The bike will make a sound to confirm your trip has ended. The mobile app will show you a summary of your trip, including how far and long you rode as well as the cost of the ride.

Good to Go! Again, please make sure you leave the bike in a responsible place for the next person to use!