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5 Key Benefits of Using Public Transportation

Posted on September 27, 2019
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Whether you’re embarking on your early morning commute to work or heading to Seattle for a Seahawks game, making the switch from driving solo to utilizing the public transit system can benefit you in numerous ways. These range from saving money to lowering stress levels to helping the environment.

1.    Save Money

Taking the bus means you’ll be burning less gasoline in your car, which lowers the amount you spend on fueling up your personal vehicle. Public transportation also eradicates the need for personal parking spots, which can save an immense chunk of change for individuals and companies. Seattleites save an average of $12,000 a year by making the switch, according to the APTA.

2.    Be More Productive

Less time behind the wheel means more time to spend on important tasks, it also means more time for yourself. Instead of focusing on driving, taking the bus allows you to save time and use it for work-related materials, watching funny videos (spicy memes), or resting.

3.    Lower Stress Levels

Let’s face it, driving in traffic to work can be stressful. Drivers cut each other off, you must constantly be aware of obstacles and unsafe situations, and trying to make it through an intersection during a yellow light is an internal conflict (should I go for it?). Thankfully, when you’re on a bus, none of that is on your mind. You can even close your eyes and relax until you get to your destination. Have you been thinking about how to fit meditation into your day? Here’s your opportunity. 

4.    Safer mode of transportation

In 2017 alone, there were a total of 120,993 car accidents in Washington State. Taking the bus lowers your chances of getting into a wreck by 90%, according to the APTA, and is overall a safer means of getting from point A to point B.

5.    Lower Environmental Impact

Car emissions make up a huge portion of air pollution in the world. The United States alone was responsible for 15.53 metric tons of CO2 emissions from fuel combustion in 2015By taking the bus, you’ll be lowering your personal carbon footprint, helping to reduce harmful pollutant levels.

-Choose Your Way Bellevue staffer Alex


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