Try Sounder Commuter Rail or Link Light Rail

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All aboard

Sound Transit’s Link light rail currently offers rail service between SeaTac Airport, Seattle’s University District and Angle Lake. In addition, the Sounder commuter train runs weekday mornings and afternoons from Lakewood and Everett to Seattle. Once you’re at the station in Seattle, it’s a simple bus or vanshare hop to Bellevue.

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How to ride Link Light Rail or the Sounder train:

  • You can also use cash or a credit/debit card to buy Link or Sounder tickets from ticket vending machines at Link stations.
  • Tap your ORCA card at the station before you get on and after you get off to pay your fare. If you have an electronic purse ("E-purse") on your ORCA card, tapping when you get off ensures you aren't charged for more than the distance you traveled.

East Link is coming to Bellevue! 

Construction is under way to extend Sound Transit Link light rail service to Mercer Island, Bellevue and Overlake. The trains are expected to begin service in 2023. Visit Choose Your Way Bellevue’s East Link Construction and Travel Options page to learn how to get around construction using your non-drive-alone mode.

For more information about East Link construction, visit project pages for the City of Bellevue and Sound Transit. [Make the agency names linked.] And you can take a virtual ride to see what the new service will look like on Sound Transit's East Link Animation page!

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