Property Managers

Providing strong commute programs at your building will help recruit and retain tenants and their employees and make efficient use of your property’s space. In addition, your effort improves mobility on our streets and highways, making Bellevue an attractive center for commerce.

Discover the commuting options you can provide your tenants and their employees at the Building Options page.

Bike MapFree Limited Edition Poster Bike Maps

The City of Bellevue has poster versions of the official bike map available for employers and property managers. These maps are approximately 22” wide by 31” tall, printed on a sturdy, uncreased material and suitable for wall display purposes in your office gathering space or building bike parking room.

To request a free poster map, please email Choose Your Way Bellevue. Supplies are limited so get your requests in soon.

Do you seek folded bike maps for employees or visitors to your building? Choose Your Way Bellevue can provide folded maps free of charge--just fill out the request form!

Keep your tenants moving

Through our expert consultants at TransManage, Choose Your Way Bellevue offers free assistance connecting your tenants with viable commute options and helping you build a commuter program in your building.

TransManage can gather information on current tenant commute practices and benefits offered, identify commute options that would work with your tenants, develop a commute program package and help to implement the program. If you need ongoing assistance managing your commuter program, TransManage can support you through their fee-for-services.

With Choose Your Way Bellevue's free consulting services you can:

  • Build a commuter benefit program that saves you and your tenants money and time
  • Connect to valuable resources about transit fare programs, pre-tax commuter benefits, Zipcar carsharing, workshops and seminars covering a variety of transportation issues, customized commute planning, fun commute events and more
  • Offer commute-planning assistance to your employees
  • Orient employees to Bellevue transportation options through on-site workshops and events, staffed by TransManage

Free consultations are available to all property managers in Bellevue. Call 425-990-3097 or email for more information.

Commute Trip Reduction Tax Credit

Is your property management company eligible to receive Washington’s Commute Trip Reduction Tax Credit? It is, regardless of size, if it is providing commute trip reduction incentives and paying the business and occupation (B & O) or public utilities (PUT) taxes. Eligible property managers can receive a 50 percent tax credit on the amount paid to or on behalf of each employee for transit, ridesharing, carsharing or non-motorized commuting. Up to $200,000 is available for individual companies and property managers per fiscal year, with a cap of $60 per employee. More information is available on the Washington Department of Revenue’s webpage.

Learn about the TMP code and services here.

Check out our new Business Commute Options Toolkit for help with starting or improving your building's commute program!