From Sound Transit: North Station Update - 11/1/18

Note from Choose Your Way Bellevue: The Northgate Park-and-Ride includes peak-hour service to Bellevue on Route 555.

The new Sound Transit Northgate Station garage will be opened and three Northgate park-and-ride areas closed on Monday, Nov. 19. The four-floor garage located at the future Northgate light rail station will provide nearly 450 parking spaces at the busy Northgate Transit Center. Even though Northgate Station will open in 2021, Sound Transit is opening the garage early for transit riders.

New Reserved Parking Permit option

The Northgate Station garage will be the first Sound Transit facility to offer a reserved parking permit option for people driving alone. Current carpool permit holders may renew, and transit riders may obtain carpool parking permits free of charge.
To learn more about pricing or to get a permit go to our permit parking page. Parking permit holders will have reserved parking on the lower level of the garage on weekdays during the morning rush hours.

Learn more and buy permits here.