From Sound Transit: Service changes coming March 2019; Public Hearing & Open House Nov. 8 

Attention: Bellevue Sound Transit riders

Sound Transit (ST) Express bus service will significantly change in March 2019. Key changes include:

  • Rail only downtown tunnel
    • Route 550 moves to surface streets in downtown Seattle, north on 4th Ave., south on 2nd Ave.
    • Link light rail reliability improves.
  • Montlake Freeway Station closes
    • Route 542 service will expand to evenings and weekends.
    • Route 545 will bypass Montlake.
    • Route 555 will bypass Montlake. 
  • Seaway Transit Center opens
    • Route 513 extends to Seaway Transit Center and no longer serves Evergreen Way.
  • Improving efficiency
    • Route 580 select low-ridership trips cut and others run only between Puyallup Station and the South Hill Park and Ride.
    • Route 555 operates only between Northgate and Bellevue, no longer serving Eastgate or Issaquah. 

Ways you can give input to Sound Transit:

Public Meetings:              Public Hearing, Nov. 8, 1 pm

                                     Open House, Nov. 8, 5-7pm

                                     Location: Union Station, Ruth Fisher Board Room, 401 S. Jackson St, Seattle

Phone:                           1-866-940-4387


Mail:                              Service Planning, 401 S. Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104


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