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Commute Cost and Carbon: Choose Your Way to Save

Owning and driving an automobile contributes to global warming and is expensive! Transforming your drive-alone commute into another transportation mode (carpool, vanpool, transit, bicycle, walking, etc.) adds up to more discretionary money for you and takes a load off the environment.

Calculate your commute cost to see how much you can save!

Visit the American Public Transportation Association’s calculator for commuting costs by car versus public transportation here.

Helpful links when calculating your commute:

Is global warming on your radar? Want to boast to your friends about how many pounds of carbon dioxide you won’t emit this year? Calculate it here.

Other interesting links concerning CO2 emissions:

  • Want to know how your automobile emissions compare to other greenhouse gas influences? The EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator will tell you.
  • Wondering how one gallon of gasoline weighing 6 pounds combusts to 19.4 pounds of CO2? Learn how here.
  • Learn more from the EPA about automobile greenhouse gas emissions in the US.