Carshare & Taxi

Own the trip, not the car 

Carsharing is offered in downtown Bellevue by Zipcar. Zipcar provides access to a fleet of cars available for daytime use at a modest hourly rate. On-demand access to cars makes it easy to get around without having to bring your own car into the city. Using Zipcar can also be much cheaper than driving – you don’t have to pay for gas or insurance.

How to use Zipcar

  • Choosing a membership plan and signing up at gives you access to Zipcar's fleet of vehicles.

  • Seattle region Zipcar membership rates and plans

    • Vehicles can be reserved by members for use at a modest hourly rate

  • Vehicles are picked up from their designated spots in downtown Bellevue and returned to their original locations.

  • There are a limited number of one-way Zipcars in downtown Bellevue, as well as Seattle, that you can return to a different spot. This allows Bellevue users to travel one way between Bellevue and Seattle. By signing up for Zipcar and viewing the app you can find out which cars are available for one-way usage.

Zipcar for business

  • Zipcar's business plans provide discounted driving and membership rates to employers.

    • Offering carsharing options generally has a greater value than parking and mileage reimbursements. It also makes it easier for employees to commute using public transit

    • Check out the Choose Your Way Bellevue Employer page for other options to help. make your employees' commutes easier.

Taxi Services

Go here to find taxi service providers in Bellevue.